Everything revolves around Leadership” John Maxwell

That’s true and to the point. Almost all Leaders are Confident People. Confidence is very contagious, yet so is lack of confidence.  You gain confidence through exposure, for what you don’t know through experience you gain through exposure.

Leaders read, and for especially charismatic ones, they read quite a bit. They know that “You are basically the same person in 10 years from now outside the books you read and the people you meet”. So they read, they learn from others experiences, and they will take action. They know that knowledge breeds confidence and confidence breeds more confidence, which brings success.

Another great quality of successful leaders is an infectious ENTHUSIASM! Thomas Edison said “Every act of genius is the direct result of Enthusiasm.”

It’s so important to be EXCITED about what you are doing. For like its mate, Confidence, Enthusiasm is also quite contagious. I much prefer, probably like you, to be around excited & confident people.  They attain their desired goals, because they know preparation & dedication, will build their confidence and enthusiasm, the very qualities that assure success. So I will emphasize, “Use the power of ENTHUSIASM!”

The owner of Jeno’s Pizza, Jeno Paulucci, used to own the Chun King dynasty. One day he was in the office of the head buyer of Food Fair, trying to get his product in all their grocery outlets. The buyer told Paulucci that he would give a taste test, Chun King against several other brands. Paulucci took a can opener and opened a can of Chop-suey. As he opened it, the top of the can hid the contents from the buyers view. Paulucci was horrified to see that a dead grasshopper was laying right on top. Apparently the quality control department had missed this one can! Realizing that his entire company was about to lose its image, Paulucci acted quicklywith characteristic enthusiasm. He grabbed a spoon, smile broadly and said, “This looks so good I’ve just got to take the first bite myself!” Paulucci swallowed the grasshopper, turned the can to the buyer, and won the sales contract.

Enthusiasm is a paradox. It’s the most contagious quality in the world, yet it is also the rarest. Remember this, the worst bankrupt one can have is someone that has lost their enthusiasm.

Dale Carnegie said, “Act enthusiastic and you will be ENTHUSASTIC!!!”  I have found that to be true. So Today, determine to alert your face, that you are happy, important, and that you will be Enthusiastic in everything this day. You will be most excited about the outcome, this I will promise you. Have fun, be excited, and enjoy the reactions from others.

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