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Text Message Marketing

With the prolific use of these media there are tremendous opportunities for business awareness and growth. Our professionals can show you proven strategies to effectively use these services in a manner that draws business to your door. We can show how to communicate directly with your customers and not be considered bothersome spam. Text Messaging

Effective use of this media has proven results in lowering costs, improving efficiency and increasing traffic into your business. Let us show how a complete Digital Marketing approach can improve your business.

360SAM helps companies and organizations effectively communicate with their customers, members and prospects via text message when they have an important message that they can’t afford for them to miss or receive too late.

With our Text Messaging Platform, businesses can send appointment confirmations, mobile coupons, SMS alerts as well as collect entries into a giveaway or collect votes via text messages. And with 360SAM’s affordable, texting plans, ANY BUSINESS or ORGANIZATION can enjoy the virtual gold rush that awaits the early entrants into the wide-open Mobile Marketing craze.

Are all your customers the same? Would you like to be able to segment your customers? Now you can target your specific message to each customer segment using Unlimited Lists and Mobile Campaigns, all of which is included with all of our SMS Packages!