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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Many businesses have the mentality that “if I can just get a website, then I will be in play for new customers”. This is a myth that has far reaching effects if that mentality is not enlightened with the Proper Understanding of how Today’s Marketplace is much different than just five years ago let alone even a decade.

When you personally search for a service/product, like your customers, you use a Search Engine, and the majority by far, uses Google.

Whether you are seeking out a Restaurant, Attorney, Auto Repair, or even a Local Retail Business, like the vast majority of your customers, you will type in the particular service/product by its Category, such as Used Cars, Steak Restaurant or Personal Injury Attorney.

This will take you to the first page of the Search Engine which has listed anywhere from 10-15 Local Businesses that provide what YOU are looking for.  And if you are like 90% of your customers, you will find a suitable website on THIS FIRST PAGE that provides exactly what you are seeking.

Having a website WITHOUT Search Engine Optimization is like going on a trip in a car and hoping you will get to your designation just by driving somewhere.   If your website IS NOT Optimized for your Keywords and Services, then whether your website is on page 5 or 10, it is in cyberspace. No one will see it, UNLESS they specifically type your website address.

When someone needs to have their car repaired, they will type in Auto Repair into the Search Engine, not Cory B Tucker Auto Repair.  And if your Auto Repair also specializes in Brakes, Transmissions, etc. being listed on the Search Engines 1st page, will bring your those Vital New Customers that helps every business Thrive.

At 360 Digital Business Solutions, we are Experts at getting Your Business on the first page.  We only take on at the most, five businesses per Keyword per county.  And we focus on getting these Five Business the greatest visibility possible through our Proven Search Engine Optimization Methods.

Contact us by e-mail, or by phone, 800-893-7705, and have one of our highly qualified representatives discuss with you a package that will best fit your business needs.